Check Whether You Can Refinish Your Cabinets?

Cabinet Refinishing in Delaware County, PA

Are you seeking for completed cabinet doors that appear professional but are unaware how to finish cabinet doors properly? When it comes to painting cabinet doors in your house, we recommend following a few essential criteria to obtain the greatest kitchen cabinet finish possible. ¬†First, determine whether your cabinets can be refinished and which kitchen cabinet finishes should be utilised on your cabinet doors. Here’s how to make sure you get nicely polished cabinet doors the first time from Cabinet Refinishing in Delaware County, PA.

  • Wood Types: If you want smooth, professional-looking completed cabinet doors, you should seek for wood types that take paint well. Because they do not absorb paint, close-grained wood species such as maple, poplar, or even MDF are ideal for painting. Open-grained woods, such as oak and ash, soak the paint into the grain, highlighting the grain rather than giving a smooth surface. If you want to paint an open-grained wood, you’ll need to seal it first and apply wood grain filler, which is a considerably more time-consuming process.
  • Actual Wood: If you have laminate cabinets, you should reface them rather than simply painting them. While laminate may be painted, the finish is unstable and prone to flaking. If your cabinet doors are laminate, we recommend replacing them rather than attempting to paint them. This is still far less expensive than completely replacing your cabinets, so don’t be alarmed if this is the case for you. Also, try with Cabinet Refinishing in Delaware County, PA

Cabinet Refinishing in Delaware County, PA

  • Solid Cabinets: If your cabinets or cabinet doors are in poor condition, refinishing them is pointless. If the cabinets are too old or damaged, even freshly polished cabinet doors will not look attractive. If only the finish or hardware is worn, but the timber is still strong, painting kitchen cabinets should yield decent results. If your cabinets are built of the proper materials and in good enough condition to take the finish of your choice, you are ready to begin the procedure. If your cabinets aren’t appropriate for refinishing but are still in decent condition, check into cabinet refacing. You may obtain the look of brand new cabinets without entirely replacing them.

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