How frequently does your house require painting and decorating?

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As painters and decorators, we frequently remind our customers about the significance of regular painting and decorating to keep your house in good condition. We all know that cyclical painting and decorating is necessary, but how often should this be done? In response to this often asked issue, advanced painting company painters and decorators have highlighted several critical factors to consider when determining the frequency of your decorating work:

  • Available time – Another important aspect impacting the frequency with which you decorate will be your available time. Painting and decorating may be a time-consuming chore if you want to do it yourself, especially if you have a family and a job. Hiring a professional decorating team may significantly minimise the time and worry associated with your decoration.
  • Personal taste – The demand for designing an interior space will be greatly influenced by personal taste. If you are the sort of person who gets tired with a certain colour scheme, chances are you will need to decorate on a frequent basis. Some clients choose to have their home decorated every year, while others prefer an erratic timetable whenever they want a change. To get such it is important to choose advanced painting company.

Advanced Painters Ltd

  • Shifting Trends – If you prefer to remain on top of seasonal trends, you will need to prepare your roller on a regular basis. Trends can shift numerous times every year, so if you want to keep ahead of the curve, we recommend decorating at least twice a year. Check out our article on the top trends to watch out for this season for inspiration. High street stores and home living publications may also be excellent sources of seasonal fashion.
  • Property Type and Usage – If you own a commercial property, frequent painting and decorating are required to project a professional image. It can also aid with consumer outreach and employee productivity. Most commercial property owners should not wait more than 5 years before completely redecorating their facility. This will assist to preserve the aesthetic of your home and show that you care about your brand.

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